Everyone needs a hero. Few people willingly look away from themselves to one worthy to save. In For the Town, Barabbas Da Rebel describes his tireless endeavor to point his city to that Savior. He says,…Read more

The complex nature of God baffles the human mind. Contemplating the seemingly contradictory truths of His transcendence and immanence is enough to confound the sharpest thinkers. But far from being a stumbling block to belief, these…Read more

Omri has teamed up with Philadelphia-based producer, Wes Pendleton, to bring listeners a sonically versatile and theologically weighty EP. Think, “the lyrical complexity of Edgar Allan Poe meets the theological depth of Stephen Charnock”. That’s what...Read more

The wait is over! J. Miles’ debut EP, ‘Slave Trade’ is out and available for purchase. Looking to grab a copy? Find it available for download on iTunes and Amazon or purchase the CD at our…Read more

Pre-order the ‘Slave Trade’ EP Check out J. Miles’ newest single, Love Letters, which features Philadelphia native Leah Smith

—Sign up in the Right Column to download Vapors Volume 1– About VAPORS VOLUME 1 Today (August 17th) would’ve been my dad’s 58th birthday. Last January, the Lord delivered him from his withered body of death,…Read more

iSix:5 ~ “UnPacked!”  was released back in April of 2010. With an emphasis geared mainly towards believers, the guys “unpack” various aspects of the Gospel & the Christian Walk, such as living lives holy unto the…Read more

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