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Omri has teamed up with Philadelphia-based producer, Wes Pendleton, to bring listeners a sonically versatile and theologically weighty EP. Think, “the lyrical complexity of Edgar Allan Poe meets the theological depth of Stephen Charnock”. That’s what...Read more

The wait is over! J. Miles’ debut EP, ‘Slave Trade’ is out and available for purchase. Looking to grab a copy? Find it available for download on iTunes and Amazon or purchase the CD at our…Read more

Check out the all-new music video, ”Identical Strangers,” a spoken-word version of a verse from J. Miles debut EP, Slave Trade.

No whips. No chains. No plantations. Yet everyone is still a slave. Slavery usually causes thoughts of savage and inhumane treatment, but regardless of what comes to mind, the truth of the matter is, we’re all…Read more

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